Beauty Trends for 2022

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Throughout history, beauty trends have changed dramatically. In a decade, a feature can go from coveted to an embarrassment. The evolution of beauty trends is driven by the media and celebrity influencers. In 2022, the liquid lipstick will make its debut. While waterproof beauty products have long been in the works, a trend for 2022 will be the liquid lipstick. In addition, the makeup market is expected to drop by 34 percent by 2020.

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A few key ingredients that will make a comeback this year include fermented ingredients. These ingredients, popular in Korean and Japanese markets, have a number of benefits for both brands and consumers. A recent Pinterest article reports that spicy hairstyles, including baby braids, bob-cut wigs and dyed heads, are still a hot commodity. The mullet, which was popular in the early 2000s, is still a hot topic, as its latest version, known as a “wolf cut,” is also on the rise.

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A few cosmetics brands are already stepping up their environmental footprint. For instance, Charlotte Tilbury has obtained Leaping Bunny approval from Cruelty Free International, an organization that campaigns against animal testing. Chanel, meanwhile, recently announced a biodegradable perfume bottle cap made from ninety percent plant-based materials. During the same year, Ulta Beauty released a new initiative to celebrate inspiring Black voices in beauty. Featured artists received a $10,000 grant to further their mission and influence. The beauty brand also encouraged its customers to call their federal representatives and advocate for climate change policies.

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Clean beauty is a trend whose definition goes beyond non-toxic ingredients. In addition to being safe, clean beauty brands also have to be ethical. Consumers want a brand that supports ethical practices while promoting their products. This trend will continue to be popular in 2022, and will become more widely available in the market. And as more people are concerned about their wellbeing and the environment, the cosmetics industry is catching up. So, get on board this trend and make your makeup and haircare products more eco-friendly.

The nails of 2022 will display the escapist landscape-style designs of nail art. Nail artists are devoted to perfecting their skills, and you’ll likely see many variations of manicures and pedicures in 2022. Chrome manicures and neon colors will also be popular, as will various kinds of swirls. Fluffy brows, organic makeup, and natural hair will all be popular in 2022. So get ready to rock this year’s beauty trends.

Skin care manufacturers can capitalize on this trend by incorporating microbiome-friendly ingredients into their skincare products. These ingredients can rebalance and strengthen the skin’s barrier and combat aging. Another microbiome-friendly trend is fermented beauty, which uses bacteria from bacteria to improve the skin’s condition. This trend is already booming in Japan and Korea, and is expected to grow globally via platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

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