Best Ways To Dress Up Your Handbag With A Scarf

As you probably know by now, you can create so many beautiful and trendy looks using a silk scarf. This accessory is blowing up all over the internet and has come back into fashion full throttle. We have explored how to wear a silk scarf in your hair and around your neck and now we are dabbling into how to wear it on your handbag! We think it's such a unique and exciting way to style a scarf and love seeing new ways to do so. If you have not seen a scarf used on a bag before then you are in for a fashion treat. You can most likely use one on any bag you can think of. There probably is a way of tying a scarf for any handbag out there. It is a great way to make your bag look new and fresh without going out and actually buying a new bag. Major celebrities have been seen rocking this trend and it’s starting to pop up on social media more often now. If you have an old tote and scarf hiding away in your wardrobe that you were thinking of getting rid of, think again. Grab those babies out and have a play, you might become obsessed with this collaboration and be using your old tote more often! This is a great way to reinvent something old and bring new joy to your accessories! See below our favourite 5 ways of tying a square silk scarf to your handbag.


wild heart scarf

The Waterfall Tie


This method is definitely the easiest of all five on how to accessorize a bag with a scarf. This is perfect if you love to change up your scarf often as it is nice and quick and can be removed with haste if you need to quickly switch that bright scarf out for a monochrome one! We see a lot of you babes rocking our Wild Heart Scarf this way and we are obsessed. As there can actually be a few ways of tying it like this, here is a simple version. See steps below on how to tie your scarf to your handbag:


  • Fold your scarf in half to form a triangle.
  • Begin to fold the 90 degree point of the triangle down toward the flat side in sections of around 5-10cm.
  • Figure out where on your bag handle you want the scarf to be placed.
  • Fold the scarf once around your handle (short or long handle) and double knot so that your scarf does not come loose and fly away off your bag.
  • Adjust or fluff up and you are complete.


bag handle scarf

The Twist Handle Tie


Ever wanted to know how to tie a scarf on a bag handle? The Twist Handle Tie is great for those of you who have a bag with a short handle. You can use more than one scarf for this method also! It all depends on what look you envision for your handbag. We love this look for small clutch size bags with a fabric or chain handle about 20 cm long. This way you can get one medium size square scarf to fit. You can add a colourful scarf to a plain bag or a plain scarf to a colourful bag, there are so many options. We see a lot of people using this tying style on their designer handbags with a patterned vintage look scarf and it looks fabulous. Make sure you show us pics of how you style yours, we would love to see! Follow the steps below on how to tie a scarf on a tote to achieve the Twist Handle Tie:


  • Fold your scarf in half to form a triangle. 
  • Begin to fold the 90 degree point of the triangle down toward the flat side in sections as small as possible (around 3-5 cm).
  • Without unraveling your folded scarf, start at one end of your bag handle and double knot your scarf end leaving a small piece to hang loose.
  • Begin to wrap your scarf around and around your handle completely covering your strap so it is no longer visible.
  • Once you are at the end, double knot to secure your design in place.
  • You can tweak your twist to perfect it!


scarf on handbag

The Flap Wrap Tie


You can enjoy this gorgeous style using only a handbag with a closing flap as you will need to tie the scarf to this part of the bag. This style will catch everyone’s attention as not many people have seen this before. We love how quirky and inventive this tie looks, you can achieve a bunch of variations of this look if you put your mind to it. A good tip when using this method is to make sure your scarf is nice and flat with no wrinkles init when starting your tie. You can the fabric to look as soft and crinkle free as possible. A few different ways to flatten out your scarf are using a steamer, hair straightener, blow dryer or putting your scarf into a clothes dryer. See below our steps to achieve the flap wrap tie:


  • Lay your scarf flat and take two opposite points and fold to meet in the center of the scarf (Alternatively you can have them overlap for a thinner fold).
  • Under your bag flap, place the scarf centered and fold the points to meet at the front facing side of your bag flap.
  • Tie the two pointy ends of your scarf into either a bow or basic knot.
  • Adjust to how you like it and you are done!


scarf bow

The Side Bow Tie


This, like the Waterfall Tie, is a very easy way to make your handbag more lively in seconds. This method of tying your scarf is such a pretty and feminine way of adding colour and pattern to a once bland bag. Once you perfect the Side Bow Tie you may find yourself tying scarf bows to almost everything else you own! It is so fun and and can also look very elegant and modern at the same time with the right scarf and bag of course. You can experiment with different bows also, follow the steps below to achieve the side bow tie:


  • Fold your scarf in half to form a triangle.
  • Begin to fold the 90 degree point of the triangle down toward the flat side in sections of around 5-10 cm.
  • Figure out what side on your bag handle you want the scarf to be placed.
  • Fold the scarf once around your handle (short or long handle) and tie once and tie once.
  • Once you have it secured, start to tie your bow (If you can double knot so that your scarf is secure).
  • Adjust or fluff up the bows and you are done!
braid bag strap scarf

The Strap Tie

If you have a favourite clutch or purse that you would love to turn into a bag but it didn’t come with a bag strap or handle, then we have the perfect solution for you! By using a scarf you can add a strap to almost any purse. If it has two metal rings on each side of your clutch that you can attach your scarf to (No matter how small) then you have what you need to achieve this stunning style. Liven up your inner artist and try this at home, your friends and coworkers will be impressed and no doubt will end up playing around with their fav purse and scarf as well! Check out our scarves for purse handles and give it a go! Follow the steps below to achieve the strap tie:


  • Fold your scarf in half to form a triangle. 
  • Begin to fold the 90 degree point of the triangle down toward the flat side in sections as small as possible (around 3-5cm).
  • Without unraveling your folded scarf, start at one side of your purse handle tie the smallest end of your scarf through the metal loop (Or wherever you can attach it to).
  • Begin to twist your scarf very neatly and tightly until you cannot twist no more.
  • Attach the opposite end of your scarf to the remaining side of your purse.
  • Adjust if you need to and you are done!
Wearing on your bag can give your outfit so much life, you can really get creative and form so many different looks from just one small accessory. A scarf can be tied to just about anything, we even love them attached to hats, shoes and belts. There really is no end to how you can style your silk scarf. Using your scarf as a statement with minimal effort can transform you!
Scarves have been used for centuries for various functions and they can be used for more than just fashion. If you have a scarf attached to your outfit daily you can almost always guarantee you’ll think of a reason to whip her out and use it for something practical. We will always love the evolving functionality and style of a silk scarf and so should you! Add one to your closet and we are sure you won’t regret it. Every girl should have at least one scarf in her accessories collection. Your scarf dreams await you!
We hope you enjoy these 5 ways of wearing a square silk scarf on your bag as much as we do, let us know what you would like to see next on our blog. We can’t get enough of this scarf fever everyone has and adore all of the new ways people are styling theirs. If you have a unique way of wearing your fav scarf, we would love to see it. Snap a selfie and tag us on Instagram and we will check it out.
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