How To Wear A Scarf All Year Round

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Wear a scarf off your handbag:

Put on a headscarf in your hair:

This is the most popular method to put on a scarf yet many people fight with the folding method! It all relies on just how you desire the headscarf to look in your hair. You can have a slightly scrunched and also untidy look or a cool and also flowy look. The most convenient method is to wrap your silk headscarf around your already connected bun and then fold it under your hair connection or tie it in a bow/knot. There is additionally the method of laying the scarf flat on a surface area, folding it in fifty percent diagonally and after that rolling the point of the triangular you just made right into the level edge of the headscarf producing a slim folded shape. This makes it simple for you to connect the scarf around your ponytail and also makes the hanging ends of the scarf look rather and also neat! You can likewise utilize it folded up like such to wear as a headband, there are a lot of possibilities, all you need to do is play around! Our fav means is linking the scarf t your braid and also now we sell Scrunchie-Scarves which make this method even simpler as the headscarf comes currently folded and attached to a scrunchie so theres not fiddling around require, its all ready to be attached to your up do!

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Put on a scarf around your neck:

We love this search for the chillier seasons particularly for job or uni. Putting on a scarf around your neck is such an elegant and stylish method to adorn and also theres most definitely a few different methods you can tie it! You can connect it for a festival look by folding it into a big triangle as well as having the pointy side dealing with down around your neck. You can fold it right into a slim straight form, and have it tightened like a choker. Theres additionally one of the most typical means or having it loose as well as knotted in the front making the knot a feature, this is our fav method to have it used around your neck!

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Put on a scarf at your midsection:

This is even more of an uncommon way to use your headscarf, yet it is an all-season style! You can utilize your silk scarf as a belt on your denims or shorts or you can even tie it in an acquiesce your garment. Have it functional and stylish at the same time. Our scarves look wonderful tied to denim pants or ordinary coloured bottoms, its a terrific method to include flare to a plain outfit!

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Wear a scarf around your wrist:

Be a little outside package as well as tie among our scarves to your wrist. Just like exactly how it prevails to have a scrunchie on your wrist, a scarf can look just as cute! We have seen lovely examples of this on Pinterest and it looks lovely as well as elegant. This is an excellent wintertime look as it would certainly go fantastic with a layer or shirt.

Those are just a few of our fav means to accessorize with our scarves right now! There are a lot of more means they can be used, and also we would enjoy to see your concepts. Make sure to mark us on Instagram if you publish an image or tale so we can share your photo! There are likewise a series of various devices available on Sand and also Headscarf so see to it to have a thorough look at our collections as we have some magnificent items offered now!

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