Find Out What Our Top 3 Best-Selling Products Are

We wanted to share with you what our best selling products have been so far! We love to monitor what you guys are loving and we always find it interesting what is ordered more than others. See below our top 3 best selling accessories on Sand and Scarf.


  1. Coming in at number 1, our best-selling product from when we launched on 1st April 2018 is The Wild Heart Scarf. There’s no doubting this is such a versatile and gorgeous scarf. It catches the attention of everyone and is the perfect leopard print design to go with just about any outfit. It can be worn in so many ways and the most common way we see this scarf being worn is on our customers handbags. Get your hands on our #1 bestselling product now, you won’t regret it 😉

Wild Heart Scarf


  1. Our second-best selling product are The Send It Sunglasses. When we launched our Sunglasses collection this year, we never would have anticipated the response we got to The Send It Sunglasses! They were snatched up super quick by our customers and we are always having to restock these! We love the response and get so excited when we see customer posts wearing or sunnies. If you haven’t check out The Send It Sunglasses, you should otherwise you’re missing out on some bomb sunnies. These suit just about everyone!

Send It Sunglasses


  1. In third place is The Aries Scarf. This beautiful red and blue silk scarf give us major USA vibes and is such a crowd favourite. We have seen so many customers rocking this scarf in their hair and it looks fab! For a classy look, wear this scarf around your neck or in your hair all year round.

Aries Scarf


We can’t wait for the year to progress and to see what other products make it to our top 3 best sellers list! Not far behind is also The Dorothy Scarf, The All Aboard Scarf, The Silver Foil Hair Clip, The Tank Sunglasses and The Tortoise Hair Clip. Let us know what your favs are, we would love to hear what you’re loving!

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