Popular Storage Ideas For Scrunchies

by Sand and Scarf
scrunchie storage ideas

Scrunchies have made a serious comeback since they were first introduced in the 1960’s. They then took the fashion world by storm in the 1980’s-90’s and the craze has not died down since. Instead they are becoming increasingly popular! Have you ever wondered where people keep their scrunchies when they are not wearing them so that they don’t get damaged or misplaced? We have collated some of our favourite storage ideas to help you come up with creative ways to display your favourite scrunchies, and keep them organised instead of leaving them scattered around your room.

scrunchie holder

Image source: mikylacreates.com

Scrunchie holder storage

You may be asking 'well, what can I use as a scrunchie holder?' We are here to help! A really affordable and creative idea for a scrunchie holder, is to repurpose a paper towel holder! Paper towel holders are inexpensive and sold in almost every department store worldwide. This repurposed kitchen item can help show off your cute scrunchies in a nice stack style. This is a fun way to always have your scrunchies on display as well as keeping them organised, and not just hidden away in a drawer to be forgotten about. It is just as easy to make one yourself as it is to buy a pre-made paper towel holder. Keep on reading to find out how!

scrunchie jar

Image source: Emilie La Breyere

Storing scrunchies in a jar

How do you store scrunchies? With jars of course! What better way to repurpose an old mason jar than to use them to hold your precious scrunchies! We love the idea of repurposing items, and jars both big and small can be a cute way to display your colourful scrunchies too. If you really feel like getting creative, you could also decorate the jar too with cute diamantes, ribbon, paint or anything you like. This can also be a great birthday present idea for a friend or a family member too.

scrunchie drawer

Image source: neatmethod.com

Scrunchies drawer

If you have a rather large collection of scrunchies, a great idea for storing them would be to have a scrunchie drawer! The drawer could be used for all of your hair accessories in general, and be sectioned off accordingly with a side dedicated to your favourite scrunchies. This is a more lowkey way to store your favourite hair accessories.

Image source: Molly Wilcox

Scrunchies Box

If you like the idea of having your scrunchies and accessories kept organised but out of sight, you might also like the idea of using a box to store them in! You could use a jute box, cardboard box or perhaps a plastic storage box. The idea of using this option is great for both the minimalists and for those who like to get a little creative with some DIY. If you are quite the minimalist, you might like the idea of having your scrunchies kept in a box with a lid and stored away, or if you are the opposite, you can get creative and decorate your box however you like and keep it on display!

scrunchie tray storage

Image source: s3.amazonaws.com

Wire Tray for Scrunchies

What better way to display your gorgeous hair accessories than an affordable wire tray! We love the idea of a rose gold wire tray in particular filled up with our stunning scrunchies. This type of storage will allow your favourite pieces to be on constant display while also making them look well organised. You can buy these styles of trays in many department stores and they are an inexpensive way to store your scrunchies.

D.I.Y Scrunchie Holder

As mentioned in within the 5 options for storage ideas we have given you, a number of them are holders you can either create yourself, or at least decorate yourself to make it uniquely yours! As mentioned earlier, making your own scrunchie holder can be super easy, and will give you chace to get a little creative. Here is one option:

What materials you will need:

  • A wooden base, preferably of a circle shape.
  • A wooden dowel- you can find these at your local building supplies store or home depot.
  • Glue- the strongest one you can find!
  • Sand paper- for if there are any rough surfaces that you want to sand down for painting.
  • A paintbrush (and paint if you want to add colour).


  • Sand the wood until it is as smooth as you would like.
  • If you do decide to paint the wooden dowel and base, do this first and let it dry!
  • Put a dollop of glue in the middle of the circular base and press the bottom of your dowel into the glue until it feels like its quite dry and stable.
  • It’s as easy as that! Enjoy your new beautiful, simplistic scrunchie holder.

D.I.Y Cardboard Box

When it comes to the cardboard box storage idea, there is so much room for creativity! The size of the box you need will depend on the size of your collection of scrunchies, If you don’t have many, you might choose to repurpose a shoe box. If you have a lot, perhaps a packaging box like a small appliance box, or a box from the grocery store. Whatever you choose to use, you have complete free-range to get creative with the decorating! Whether it comes to painting, using wrapping paper, diamantes, glitter choose something that both suits your room, and shows off your personal style.

What materials you will need:

  • A cardboard box of any size.
  • Wrapping paper, paint, stickers, diamantes etc
  • Glue or stapler.
  • Scissors.
  • A ruler (for measuring).


  • If you decide to paint the box, that will be your first step. Paint and let it dry before continuing to decorate.
  • If you decide to wrap the box in some form of wrapping paper, measure the box with the ruler and cut the paper accordingly. 
  • Glue around the outer edges and stick the paper down as slick as possible and let the glue dry.
  • For any further decorating, grab diamantes or anything you like and glue it on top. 
  • Voila! You now have a cute personalised scrunchie box!
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There are many different ways to store your favourite hair accessories in an organised fashion as mentioned above. Whether you want to have them on display, or tucked away in a dedicated drawer, its important to take care of your scrunchies so that they do not get creased, damaged, lost or broken! Scrunchies are a brilliant alternative to hair ties which can cause breakage and damage to your hair. We may be in 2020 now, but this trend has lasted for 3 decades already and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. So look after them.

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