Popular Storage Ideas For Scrunchies

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.; Scrunchies have actually made a major resurgence given that they were initially presented in the 1960s. They then took the style globe by storm in the 1980s -90s and the trend has not waned given that. Instead they are coming to be progressively prominent! Have you ever before wondered where individuals maintain their scrunchies when they are not wearing them to ensure that they dont get damaged or misplaced? We have collected some of our preferred storage space suggestions to assist you think of innovative methods to present your preferred scrunchies, and also keep them organised rather than leaving them scattered around your space.

Scrunchie holder storage

You may be asking ‘ well, what can I make use of as a scrunchie owner? We are here to assist! actually budget friendly and also innovative concept for a scrunchie owner, is to repurpose a paper towel owner! Paper towel holders are economical and also sold in nearly every outlet store worldwide. This repurposed kitchen thing can aid flaunt your charming scrunchies in a good pile style. This is a fun means to constantly have your scrunchies on screen in addition to maintaining them organised, and also not simply concealed away in a cabinet to be forgotten. It is equally as very easy to make one yourself as it is to purchase a pre-made paper towel holder. Keep reading to discover exactly how!

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Keeping scrunchies in a jar

How do you store scrunchies? With jars obviously! What better way to repurpose an old mason container than to use them to hold your priceless scrunchies! We like the concept of repurposing things, and also containers both huge and small can be a cute way to display your vibrant scrunchies too. If you actually seem like getting imaginative, you might additionally decorate the jar as well with adorable sequins, bow, paint or anything you such as. This can additionally be an excellent birthday present suggestion for a friend or a family member as well.

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Scrunchies cabinet

If you have an instead large collection of scrunchies, a wonderful idea for keeping them would be to have a scrunchie cabinet! The drawer can be utilized for all of your hair devices as a whole, as well as be sectioned off accordingly with a side committed to your favourite scrunchies. This is a more lowkey way to store your much-loved hair devices.


If you like the suggestion of having your scrunchies and accessories maintained arranged but out of sight, you may additionally such as the idea of utilizing a box to keep them in! You could make use of a hemp box, cardboard box or probably a plastic storage box. The concept of utilizing this choice is terrific for both the minimalists as well as for those who like to get a little innovative with some do it yourself. If you are quite the minimalist, you may such as the suggestion of having your scrunchies kept in a box with a cover as well as saved away, or if you are the opposite, you can get creative and also embellish your box however you like and also keep it on screen!

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Wire Tray for Scrunchies

What far better means to display your gorgeous hair devices than an economical cord tray! We enjoy the suggestion of a rose gold wire tray particularly filled with our spectacular scrunchies. This type of storage will certainly permit your much-loved pieces to be on continuous screen while likewise making them look well arranged. You can purchase these designs of trays in lots of outlet store and they are a low-cost way to keep your scrunchies.

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D.I.Y Scrunchie

As mentioned in within the 5 options for storage suggestions we have actually given you, a number of them are holders you can either create yourself, or a minimum of enhance yourself to make it distinctly your own! As stated previously, making your own scrunchie owner can be super easy, as well as will provide you chace to obtain a little imaginative. Below is one alternative:

What materials you will certainly require:

  • A wood base, ideally of a circle shape.
  • A wooden dowel- you can discover these at your regional building materials store or house depot.
  • Glue- the best one you can locate!
  • Sand paper- for if there are any type of rough surface areas that you intend to sand down for paint.
  • A paintbrush (and paint if you wish to include colour).


  • Sand the timber until it is as smooth as you would such as.
  • If you do choose to repaint the wooden dowel and base, do this initial and let it completely dry!
  • a glob of glue in the center of the circular base as well as press the bottom of your dowel into the adhesive up until it seems like its rather completely dry and also secure.
  • Its as easy as that! Enjoy your brand-new lovely, simplified scrunchie holder.

D.I.Y Cardboard

When it involves the cardboard box storage space idea, there is so much space for creativity! The size of package you need will certainly rely on the size of your collection of scrunchies, If you dont have several, you may choose to repurpose a shoe box. If you have a great deal, possibly a packaging box like a small appliance box, or a box from the food store. Whatever you pick to use, you have full free-range to obtain creative with the decorating! Whether it pertains to paint, making use of covering paper, sequins, shine choose something that both fits your area, and also flaunts your personal design.

What materials you will need:

  • A cardboard box of any dimension.
  • Wrapping paper, paint, sticker labels, diamantes and so on
  • Glue or stapler.
  • Scissors.
  • A leader (for gauging).


  • If you decide to repaint the box, that will certainly be your first step. Repaint and allow it completely dry before remaining to enhance.
  • If you choose to wrap the box in some kind of wrapping paper, determine package with the leader as well as reduced the paper accordingly.
  • Glue around the outer edges and also stick the paper down as slick as feasible and let the glue completely dry.
  • For any type of additional decorating, get diamantes or anything you such as and adhesive it ahead.
  • Voila! You now have an adorable personalised scrunchie box!

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There are various means to store your favorite hair accessories in an ordered fashion as mentioned over. Whether you want to have them on display screen, or concealed in a devoted drawer, its important to deal with your scrunchies to ensure that they do not obtain creased, damaged, lost or broken! Scrunchies are a dazzling option to hair ties which can cause breakage as well as damage to your hair. We might be in 2020 currently, yet this trend has actually lasted for 3 years already as well as will not be going anywhere anytime soon. take care of them.

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