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A silk scarf is making a comeback in fashion. Old Hollywood starlets sported them for a touch of European chic. Today, fashionistas are wearing them creatively in a variety of ways – from tying them around their favorite handbag to incorporating them into a summer outfit. Silk scarves are a timeless way to add a touch of old-Hollywood glam to any outfit.

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The reworking of a scarf into a different top style is a hot new trend. You can easily transform a long scarf into a halter top, a crop top, or even a tube top. Fashionista Diipa Khosla wore a bandanna scarf tied in a classic way, accessorizing the look with high-waisted pants and a subtle shell necklace. These DIY scarf tops are perfect for a relaxed day out.

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A silk scarf adds a pop of color to any summer wardrobe. A scarf with a triangle design elevates a simple outfit and hides a bad hair day. Simply tie the two ends together at the nape of your neck, then tie the ends in a knot. In addition, a silk scarf can also add a pop of colour to an otherwise basic outfit. If you’re in doubt, follow our silk scarf tutorial to find a stylish scarf.

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Whether you’re a novice to the art of silk scarves or an experienced professional, a scarf is a versatile piece of clothing. You can drape it around your neck or wear it as a top, and it’s the perfect accessory for a summer hairstyle. Remember, real silk scarves will last for years, and faux silk can be uncomfortable to wear. And a long, thin silk scarf can also be a perfect substitute for a necklace.

Silk scarves have been part of the ladies wardrobe for thousands of years. Queen Nefertiti wore them to adorn her headdress around 1300bc. Other famous ladies, such as Amelia Earhart, added a touch of femininity to their flying togs. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly also wore silk scarves in movies. These women were the epitome of the timeless fashion trend.

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