Carolyn Scarf Scunchie

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If you have long, thick hair, and are looking for a stylish way to keep it up, a carolyn scarf scrunchie is the perfect accessory to complete your look. Made of ribbed cotton corduroy, this scrunchie has plenty of grip and can be worn separately or as a combined styling accessory. There are also two different sizes available – one that wraps around your hair twice, and one that wraps around your wrist.

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Using a scrunchie is not only kinder to your hair – it helps prevent split ends, breakage, and tangles. You can also use it to add a pop of colour to any outfit! You can wear it as a wristband, and use different styles and colours to achieve different looks for a variety of occasions – from casual to fancy. No matter the occasion, you can always look adorable with a scrunchie.

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