January Scarf Scunchie

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If you love scarves and are looking for a new way to tie them, then this january scarf scrunchie is for you! Designed to tie around your scarf, this easy-to-make accessory is sure to keep you warm and stylish throughout the winter months. You’ll love the versatile design, and you’ll be glad you made one for yourself this month! Just follow these easy steps to make your own scarf scrunchie.

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To make a january scarf scrunchie, first choose an inexpensive vintage silk scarf. Look for a small pattern and complementing colors. Also, find a sturdier silk fabric. It’s also important to choose one with some texture on one side. A vintage silk scarf can cost as little as $3 at a vintage store. Choose a piece that is approximately 4 1/2 inches wide and 16-20 inches long. Once you have chosen the length, fold the fabric in half and sew one side of the opening. Leave about 2 inches unstitched in the center.

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Next, stitch the scarf piece to the scrunchie using hand-sewing or machine stitching. Make sure to use a thread that matches the fabric. Use a small running stitch. Make sure the seam is securely fastened. Tie a knot at the ends to hold the elastic. Add a bow to the base scrunchie and you’re all set. And remember to wear it with pride!

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After you have cut out the fabric, you can start sewing. If you’re a beginner, this project is perfect for you. Since scrunchies don’t require a large piece of fabric, you can easily make several in a single fat quarter. The instructions will guide you through cutting the fabric and the elastic. You can even make a customized version to fit your personality. The size of your scrunchie is only limited by your imagination.

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