Blue Tiger Eye Gemstone

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The Blue Tiger Eye is a wonderful tool to use when you need to gain confidence, trust your own judgment, or make a substantial career change. Using this stone can help you break out of your shell and take chances to become something you never thought possible. It can also help you make sense of fragmented thoughts, which can often cause you to react with negativity. Blue Tiger energies are helpful for patience and are excellent for people who have trouble staying calm under pressure.

The eye of the blue tiger is particularly impressive. It has a characteristic banding pattern called chatoyancy. Its cat-eye-like effect is caused by the presence of quartz, which copies the fibrous nature of crocidolite. These fibers catch the light and produce the beautiful, cat-eye effect. If you have experienced the mesmerizing properties of this stone, share your story with others by commenting below.

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The blue tiger is the subject of ongoing investigation by cryptozoologists, with the hope of acquiring proof of its existence. Although there is little evidence of its existence, some scientists believe that the blue tiger is a genetic mutation, just like the endangered white tiger. There is also a recessive pair of alleles called the non-agouti and diluted alleles, as well as other alleles that might have caused the blue coloration.

There are some indications that the blue tiger is a real animal. It is sometimes mistaken for a domestic cat with blue coloration. However, a blue tiger has faded stripes, or none at all. And it is not a good idea to hunt a blue tiger, because it could lead to its extinction. There are other ways to learn more about this mysterious feline. But the first step is to educate yourself on its true identity.

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Wearing a piece of Blue Tiger Eye is an excellent way to protect yourself from negative thoughts and situations. Wearing it will also improve your sense of intuition when in new situations, and help you catch negative thought loops before they can cause a problem. Other gemstones that can improve your mental clarity and reduce stress are hematite, sodalite, and sardonyx. You can also use Blue Tiger Eye for manifestation by placing it on the third eye, solar plexus, or throat chakras.

The Blue Tiger Eye helps restore balance in the body by boosting the functions of the immune system, the digestive system, and the throat chakra. It helps regulate hormone levels and balances male and female energy. Blue Tiger Eye also supports libido and sexual desire and works as a brake for an overactive sex drive. Lastly, it promotes feelings of self-worth and helps prevent the negative self-talk.

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The Eye of a Blue Tiger is a powerful protector, with protective qualities for the home and office. A piece of Blue Tiger is an excellent choice for your main entrance, near the windows, and in a child’s room. It dissipates intense emotions and reminds quick-tempered individuals to take a breath. It also relieves stress and hypertension. This stone is excellent for people who are quick to get frustrated over trivial matters.

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