Add a Mint Scarf to Your Outfit

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If you love the color mint and are looking for an elegant way to accessorize your outfit, consider adding a beautiful mint scarf. The mint and blue tones of this scarf represent the beautiful Lake Atitlan. These colorful, handmade scarves are made with ethically sourced cotton and silk. They are made of ultra-soft cotton and silk that feel lovely against the skin. This light-weight scarf is a perfect addition to any outfit and will be a conversation piece in your office or home.

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If you love the color mint, you should try a silk scarf made from 100% linen. It is one of the most eco-friendly and durable materials available. Hand-rolled edges ensure that they are durable and will not ravel. This scarf can be hung as a wall hanging as well. The cotton is highly absorbent and must be laundered regularly. Silk is hydrophobic, so it does not absorb sweat as easily. Satin is another material that is made from silk and polyester. Silk is more expensive than polyester, but has less luster than satin.

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Silk scarves are often used by aircraft pilots for various reasons. The scarf keeps oily smoke from dripping on the face and neck while the pilot is looking down at the air. It also keeps a pilot’s head from chafing. Military flight crews often wear scarves with imprinted unit insignia and emblems. In addition to wearing them for protection, they can add a stylish and elegant touch to your outfit.

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