Benefits of a Porter Scarf Scunchie

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There are many benefits of a stylish and comfortable porter scarf scrunchie. This versatile accessory makes hair style a breeze, without the hassle of trying to tie your hair. The fabric protects hair from breakage and snagging, and is easily cleaned with a Gentle Wash. We rounded up our favorite options for scrunchies below. If you’re looking for an elegant hair accessory, consider the classic and stylish silk turbans and ties by Grace Eleyae or Silke London. Or, choose the curling band by Lilysilk, which creates soft spirals by morning.

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This silk scarf was inspired by a painting by Charles Ethan Porter, Floral Still Life. The painting, which is part of the permanent collection at the Detroit Institute of Arts, is composed of a variety of flowers and is hemmed on four sides. Its delicate color and soft texture make it ideal for year-round wear. There are no limits to the possibilities of this scarf. Just wear it with an elegant blouse and pair it with a matching coat for the perfect combination.

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