Mistletoe Hair Clip

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A mistletoe hair clip is an elegant way to wear the holiday season’s most festive holiday. Designed to fit all types of hair, this 6cm x 1.5cm clip holds it securely in place. With a high shine, this clip can be worn on any hair type, from fine to thick. Its design is sure to catch the attention of those around you. The perfect gift for any occasion, a mistletoe hair clip makes a beautiful gift.

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To make a mistletoe hair clip, you can use felt, bind wire, and pins. You can easily find the necessary materials on the Internet. A mistletoe hair clip is easy to make if you can sew a crisscross pattern on felt. Once you have the basic materials, you can now stitch the mistletoe onto the hair clip! Make sure to use sturdy fabric so that it won’t break easily.

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