Silk Porter Scarf Scunchies

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This silk scrunchie is crafted from GOTS-certified peace silk. Handmade by seasoned women artisans in India, the scrunchie has a wide strap that can be worn alone or tied in a bow. Like its counterparts, the scrunchie can be hand-washed at 40 degrees, and dry cleaned without perchlorethylene. Here are some examples of scrunchies made from silk:

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Slip: This scrunchie comes in a set of three, each made from the brand’s signature mulberry silk. They will keep your locks supple, shiny, and crease-free, and can even be cleaned with Gentle Wash. But before using a slip scarf scrunchie, be sure to follow these tips to keep it looking as good as new. After all, a scrunchie should be comfortable and look great!

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