Riverdale’s Betty Bad

Riverdale’s Betty Bad image 0

Riverdale has given us a whole lot of Betty this season. The series’ first season has seen her fake her boyfriend’s death. After that, she goes on to cheat on Jughead and betray Veronica and Archie. It’s quite the journey for the character. In the premiere, Betty wears a black wig. However, her character’s past is much darker than just that. Read on for a look at some of her most memorable moments.

As the most deadly bounty hunter in the galaxy, Betty is equipped with a powerful UniGun. With this weapon, she can easily kill enemies in her path. Unlike most other action games, Betty is able to run in any direction, jump over walls, crawl through tunnels, and use her ability to smash through walls. In addition, you’ll have to master her fast trigger finger to advance to the next level.

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