Blue Tiger Eye Crystals

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The energy of the Blue Tiger is extremely beneficial for those wishing to increase their knowledge and make significant career changes. It encourages people to step outside of their comfort zone, explore their talents, and use them to their own financial advantage. Those who carry the Blue Tiger Eye in their hair are more attractive and attract good luck, as it unblocks the throat chakra. The Blue Tiger can also help bring emotional balance into relationships, with more happiness than sadness. The energy of this crystal will help people to speak honestly and openly, which will reduce finger-pointing and anger.

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Many scientists have hypothesized that the blue tiger is actually a genetic mutation. Because the blue tiger looks very much like the white tiger, it’s thought to be a result of a recessive pair of alleles called diluted and non-agouti alleles. While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for the blue tiger’s existence, researchers are hopeful that they’ll soon find proof of its existence.

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Another powerful effect of the Blue Tiger’s Eye is to aid in the resolution of personal conflicts. The stone encourages a positive outlook, and helps people sift through conflict and obstacles. It encourages quick decision-making and the realization of consequences. Blue Tiger Eye can also assist people with sexual frustration. It can make people calm down and focus, even when they’re in an environment filled with tension and turbulence.

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When placed on the eye, the Blue Tiger’s Eye can improve communication skills. Because it connects the upper and lower chakras, the energies associated with it can help people communicate more effectively and honestly. Blue Tiger Eye vibrations will help people remain honest and understand their own emotions and feelings. Those who carry the Blue Tiger’s Eye will also experience increased self-confidence and mental clarity. It will help people use their personal power to manifest their desires and goals.

The Blue Tiger’s Eye is also an effective healing crystal. It can improve one’s ability to speak their thoughts, break bad habits, and increase motivation. In addition to its healing power, it can also serve as a powerful talisman or protection stone. The powerful energy of the Blue Tiger’s Eye is beneficial for both the wearer and the environment. This gemstone also enhances intuition and helps people deal with the stress and pressure of everyday life.

If you’re looking for a talisman that will protect you from evil, tiger’s eye is a great choice. It’s soothing blue color makes it a wonderful piece of jewelry. Those seeking psychic protection should wear one to protect their aura from negativity. It is also an excellent choice for Men’s jewelry. It offers protection and helps you develop empathy. Despite being the perfect stone for protection, the Blue Tiger’s Eye is a stone of foresight and psychic protection.

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