New York’s Special Kind of Caramel Sand

New York’s Special Kind of Caramel Sand image 0

New York has its own special kind of caramel sand that is only available in the city. This unique sweet is made with a blend of white chocolate and pistachio cookies. It is also known as Empire City sand. However, there are other versions of caramel sand in other cities. They all have the same flavor but they differ slightly in texture and acidity. To find out more about the special caramel sand, read on.

Caramel sand is a beautiful shade of gold composed of two golden caramel shades. It adds the ambiance of warm summer days to any nail design. Flexy Caramel Sand is a great choice for adding some shimmer to a mani and can be used as an accent or a dominant color. While it may be overpowering, it’s very versatile, making it a must-have for any mani collection.

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