The Coromandel Necklace by Chanel

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If you are considering purchasing a Coromandel necklace, you are on the right track. The Coromandel collection features a consistent design, a profusion of baroque effects and stories, and a stunning array of jewels. Each piece is an expression of the artistry and craftsmanship of Etchebarne. The necklaces’ intricate details are made of mother of pearl, black onyx, and other fine gemstones.

Chanel’s Coromandel collection features 59 pieces, with twenty-four pieces being unique. The motifs have three main themes: landscape, mineral, and Camellia. Gabrielle Chanel was a keen collector of gemstones and crystals, and her designs are infused with a variety of materials. Mother-of-pearl, diamonds, and green tourmaline are among the most popular gemstones used in Coromandel jewelry.

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The exquisite Coromandel necklace is reminiscent of the intricate patterns that adorn the Coromandel lacquered screens. The pieces can be moved from one home to another and transformed into a new look. The hypnotic onyx, transposed against deep black lacquer, is a gorgeous example of this art form. It is a beautiful piece that evokes a sense of mystery, which explains Chanel’s inspiration behind the collection.

This beautiful piece of jewelry is often worn by royalty. The necklace is reminiscent of the ancient Coromandel screens, which are exquisitely carved. These screens were once used by French sailors on their journeys around Africa. During these voyages, they encountered Chinese merchants who brought with them exotic treasures from the court of the Emperor Kang Xi. They were later treasured throughout Europe. The necklace is a beautiful, unique example of a piece of jewelry with an exotic history.

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Coco Chanel was a huge admirer of Coromandel screens and used them in unconventional ways. She had them in her apartment at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris. She even used them as wallpaper in her home. Coco Chanel used them as inspiration for many of her products including haute couture dresses, perfumes, and watches. Chanel’s latest collection of high jewellery includes the Coromandel and is inspired by the exotic, floral, and mineral art of the area.

Whether you prefer white diamonds or black ones, you’ll find a variety of beautiful pieces in this collection. The Evocation Florale necklace features over nine hundred round diamonds. Its middle strand contains 44 emerald cut diamonds and culminates in a stunning 8.62 carat emerald. Five diamond-set panels with camellia motif echoe the pattern of the Coromandel screen.

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The Coromandel screens were first discovered in the early 1900s by Gabrielle Chanel. She prized them for the beauty and strength of the material. As the artist of the Coromandel style, she sought out new designs and used them throughout her life. Her work is also highly prized by other designers. She incorporated Coromandel pieces into her own wardrobe and many other people’s homes. For more information on these gorgeous pieces, please visit the Coromandel website.

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