Honey Bee Headband

Honey Bee Headband photo 0

A great hair accessory for a girl, this honey bee headband is sure to be a hit! Designed to match any outfit, this headband is ideal for any hairstyle! Made with hand wired honey bees, this headband is perfect for girls of all ages! It can be used with any type of hairstyle, from short to long. It can be worn for any special occasion or everyday use.

Honey Bee Headband photo 1

These headbands come in several different colors and designs. The one featured here features a top knot in a Printed Bee pattern. It is lined with velvet ribbon to give it some comfort on your head. The color is yellow and features a bee on it! It is sure to be a conversation starter during your next party! You can even make your own hairband! The Buell Foundation supports early childhood education. To get your own, visit their website.

Honey Bee Headband photo 2

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