The Real Tarzan Scarf

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When you buy a Tarzan scarf, you’re not just buying a costume accessory. You’re investing in a unique accessory that will be a conversation starter and last for years. This scarf is made from 100% cotton, linen/linen blends, or rayon. Not only is it comfortable and lightweight, it also doubles as a head scarf. You can easily roll it to adjust its length to fit your pet.

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To create a twisted scarf, you’ll need an oblong scarf. Begin by placing the center at the back of your head. Then, take the two ends and tie them into a double knot. The scarf should cover the entire back of your head. Once you’ve tied the two ends together, twist the remaining scarf fabric around the knot and tuck the loose end under. Repeat this process for the other side. You can also gather your hair to add extra volume to the scarf.

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